5 Star Premier 3-Color Diamond Trim Pattern

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The World's Finest 100% mohair cinches, handmade in the USA, all-natural, therapeutic 100% Mohair cinchas (cinches) fit our philosophical position of what is right for horses.

CINCH DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Cincha cord is an 8-ply, 100% Mohair cord. The cord is hand laced onto stainless steel flat buckles and rings. Mohair has been known for years to have the same therapeutic and comfort value as 100% wool felt.

CINCH HARDWARE 5 Star uses FLAT BUCKLE HARDWARE, in STAINLESS STEEL or SOLID BRASS. We use the finest saddle hardware available. The FLAT HARDWARE keeps the horse's flesh from rolling over and pinching as with roller and round hardware. This 3-Color Diamond Pattern is available in both roper and straight styles. Each cinch is handmade so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery!

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