715 Lifter Bit

715 Lifter Bit

Posted by Donna Irvin on 2nd Oct 2017

Donna Irvin, co-instructor at the Sharon Camarillo Clinics, posted the following on Facebook.  It is good to share with everyone.  

Donna says  "I introduced my 3 year old to a solid mouthpiece this week as he is ready to ride straighter, change leads and work on collection with more speed. The Short Lifter was an A+ on him! See details below on the design of this bit!"

Question:  "Wouldn't the longer purchase cause engagement of the bridle at the poll when picking up on the bit, causing the horse to drop its head more? (My horses are trained to drop off of poll pressure).I'm curious how a bit like this is a "lifter." I use one very similar, but no long purchase. Both sides swivel independently of the other which is nice for 2 handed work. But it works well for neck reining also. It has a copper mouth dogbone. TY.

Donna: Good question! Yes it aids in getting the horse to break at the poll. If u lift ur hand it helps elevate the shoulders with the horse soft in the bridle then u can ride the rib and hip thru the turn or maneuver shifting the weight to the hind end. Great question!

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