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Saddle Names

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Have you noticed all of the crazy names we have on the saddles here at the Barrel Racing Superstore?  It is our way to make it easy for you to communicate with us when you have questions.  The numbers of the actual saddles are just so hard to remember and easy to mistake.  It is a 46 tree or a 64 tree?  Or maybe it is a 63 tree?  Whew....can get confusing!  So, you will continue to see names on the saddles and we hope it helps you!   Don't forget that if you have a question....please don't hesitate to ask!  We want you to have one of the best saddles available today...made by Courts Saddlery and designed by Sharon Camarillo!  www.barrelracingsuperstore.com

Each product in the Barrel Racing Superstore is backed by my personal design or endorsement.

All are products that I incorporate into my training, equine care, management programs, and/or western lifestyle. The items made available here have been selected, not only for their quality and effectiveness, but also for their value.

I remain committed to making a difference-one life, one rider, and one horse-at a time. This is my personal promise to both my students and customers.

Thank you for your trust. Happy Horsemanship!

Sharon Camarillo

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