Ice-Vibe Boots

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Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy Boots are a revolutionary new product from Horseware that will quickly become an essential part of your training or rehab program. Combining a cold pack with gentle vibrations, Ice-Vibe boots can speed healing and aid in injury prevention. Three levels of vibration allow you to adjust the boots to suit your specific purpose.

  • Level 1 - Treatment of inflammation with a cold pack.
  • Level 2 - Rehabilitation
  • Level 3 - Boosts circulation.

    Treatment: Ice-Vibe can improve the realignment of the tendon fibers during the healing process. Cooling on its own only prevents inflammation, but Ice-Vibe uses the combination of cold and vibration which minimizes swelling while encouraging blood flow and speeding healing.

    Repair: Just like putting miles on your car, we're putting miles on our horses every day. The blood supply to the lower limbs of a horse is very poor. Vibration stimulates blood flow to the legs to bring nutrients and remove waste.

    Prepare: Prepare to prevent damage. Use the Ice-Vibe boot with only the vibration pads at level 3 to prepare the horse's legs for work.

    Each Ice-Vibe pack contains:

  • 2 Ice-Vibe boots
  • 2 cold packs
  • 2 vibrating panels
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 battery charger and 3 adapters
  • Zippered nylon bag for storage


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