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0-Ring Twisted Wire Snaffle, 106
Cinch, Contoured SMX Ventech
Comfort Fit Wool w/ fleece, 28 x 30
Cowboy Felt Air Ride Saddle Pad
Elevation Gag Chain Mouthpiece
Gag, Long Shank, Smooth Lifesaver 142
Greeley Gag, Dogbone
Hackamore, 8" long shank. 101Hackamore, 8" long shank. 101
Hackamore, Medium Shank, 201
Hackamore, Medium Shank, Brittany Pozzi
Hackamore, Short Shank, Brittani Pozzi
Ladies Spur Strap, "The Tassie"
Ladies Spur with a Chevron Design
Lifter Bit, 3-Piece Twisted Wire, 114
Lifter Bit, Mullen Bit, 116
Lifter Bit, Twisted Wire Lifesaver,
Lifter, 3 Twist Gag, 133
Lifter, Long Shank 3 piece mouthpiece, 125
Lifter, Twist Gag 131
Lifter, Twisted Wire Long Shank, 123
Lifter, Twisted Wire Mouthpiece, 113
Spur Strap, "Weave", Ladies

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