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STS Aluminum StirrupSTS Aluminum Stirrup
Copper Vein Stirrups by STSCopper Vein Stirrups by STS
Nettles Cocoa Barrel Racer with Leveler Option
Nettles Turquoise Stirrup with Leveler Option
Nettles Barrel Racing Stirrup, Distressed Turquoise
Blue STS Stirrups
Nettles Barrel Racing StirrupsNettles Barrel Racing Stirrups
Turquoise STS Stirrups
Pink STS Stirrups
Nettles Rustic Barrel Racer with Leveler Option
Roper/Trail  Stirrup by Straight Time
Nettles Distressed Pink Wood Stirrups
Green STS Stirrups
Red STS Stirrups
Purple STS Stirrups

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